Patio Fire Table Sale

At the end of summer, it can be incredibly comfortable to have a bit of a heat source on your patio. A fire table also looks amazing on those earlier fall nights. This is the perfect time to buy a Napoleon Patio Fire Table, as Napoleon now has a sale on until October 17, 2022. Most Napoleon Fire Tables are 15% off!
Inquire for details at Prestige Home Comfort.


BBQ Maintenance

Many of us have been hibernating all winter, so with spring upon us it is time to wake up and get grilling! Before you can start grilling it is a good idea to clean the BBQ. We will be sharing a few tips below on how to get your grill summer ready!

You will require blue Dawn dish soap, a bucket, rag, grill brush, a Napoleon burner and jetfire maintenance kit (drill bit and very small bristle cleaner) and stainless steel cleaner.

Before you start cleaning the BBQ it is a good idea to remove any items that are not water friendly such as the thermometer, the igniter, rotisserie motor etc. Also remove the grills and seer plates as well.  After all these items have been removed, vacuum the inside of the BBQ (including the inside of the lid!) and then wash the inside and the outside the BBQ with hot soapy water and rinse thoroughly with a garden hose (or buckets of water).  Inspect the burners, if they are clogged take the drill bit from the maintenance kit and go through each hole of the burner and then brush off.

Soak your stainless steel grills and seer plates in hot soapy water for a while and then scrub. Reinstall the grills and seer plates back into the BBQ. Don’t worry if the grills are not spotless…we have another solution….read on!

Clean the outside lid, doors and side shelves with stainless steel cleaner (only if they are stainless steel!). Reinstall the thermometer and other items that were removed prior to cleaning. 

If you notice your stainless grills are still not quite clean you can take tin foil and place it shiny side down on the grills. Light the main burners of the BBQ and turn to high. Close the lid and let the BBQ run for about 25 minutes on high. There will be smoke! This is normal. Once the time has passed take a grill brush and clean the grills. 

When the grills are clean and cooled take some oil or lard and rub it on the stainless steel grills. 

Now you are ready to start BBQ grilling season!

Happy Grilling!