Canadians from coast to coast have been enjoying the Ultimate Cooking Experience for over ten years. Regardless of the weather conditions the Big Green Egg is guaranteed to meet your expectations and provide meals for a lifetime. All Big Green Eggs and accessories are stocked in Canada and carry a Canadian service warranty.

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    Complete Outdoor Cooker

    With its unparalleled flexibility of use, you can use your Big Green Egg for everything from grilling a steak to slow cooking a tender brisket to baking a loaf of bread. Vegetables – corn, potatoes, mushrooms, onions – and even desserts are superb. You can cook everything that you need for an entire meal at once!

    Moisture Retention

    The Big Green Egg is made using spaceage ceramics that were developed specifically for our product. The EGG retains heat and moisture so well that foods do not dry out! Meats and other foods undergo little or no shrinkage and are tastier because the natural juices and flavors stay locked inside.

    Easy to Start

    The Big Green Egg reaches cooking temperature and is ready to use in approximately 10 minutes. Lighting the natural lump charcoal is quick using a natural fire starter or an electric lighter; no lighter fluid should be used. The inventive design of the EGG draws air into the lower draft door, through the charcoal, and out of the damper top.

    Easy Temperature Control

    You can grill, smoke and bake at exact temperatures by adjusting the dampers. You have total control over the temperature, maintaining accuracy within a few degrees! The temperature North American made gauge in the lid gives precise temperature readings from 0ºF to 750ºF +.

    Easy Clean Up

    The Big Green Egg® exterior has a lifetime baked-on glaze that maintains its good looks and easily wipes clean. Inside, the heat burns off any grease build-up – like a self-cleaning oven.

    Year–Round Use

    The Big Green Egg is easy to use in all climates, even in freezing temperatures, snow or rain.

    Available with different style tables

    Big green egg acacia table

    big green egg table farmhouse

  2. Sizes

    XXL 424 lbs – 29″ grid
    XLarge 205 lbs – 24” grid
    Large 140 lbs – 18.25” grid
    Medium 95 lbs – 15” grid
    Small 65 lbs – 13” grid
    Mini 30 lbs – 9.5” grid